Full Field Digital Mammography
  • Flat Panel Detector
    17X24cm / 24X30cm
  • 4.0 kW HFG
  • ASP
    (Auto Standard
    exposure Positioning)
  • AEC Mode
    (Automatic Exposure
  • Free Space
    SID 650mm
  • AWS software
    (Acquisition worksation)
  • 01
  • 03

Excellent Image Quality

  • Flat Panel Detector

    High quality FPD along with large FOV provides
    high quality digital images for diagnosis.

  • 01
  • 02


ASP (Auto Standard Positioning)

ASP supports positioning for taking images
A single touch allows auto positioning for


Intuitive touch panel on both sides of
the system allows user convenience.

Radiation Safety Solution

  • AEC (Automatic
    Exposure Control)

    AEC automatically detects the characteristics
    of the affected area and controls the dose
    before shooting. AEC reduces unnecessary
    exposure and provides optimal image.

Patients Pain Care

Smart Compression

Compression level is set according to patient's characteristic and
automatically adjusts the compression level to minimize patient's pain and discomfort

Application Software

  • Powerful Software SMARTMAM™

    Genoray's Mammography
    software SMARTMAM™ provides total solution


Providing excellent diagnostic images
through accumulated experience.