2-In-1 Dental X-ray Imaging system
  • Fast Scan
  • Low Dose
  • Panoramic
  • Cephalometric
  • 01
  • 03


Various Scan Mode

With various scan modes of Panoramic, CT and Cephalometric*, assist in accurate diagnosis.

  • Panoramic
  • Standard
  • Orthogonal
  • Bitewing
  • TMJ
  • Lateral
  • PA
  • Double Lat-PA
  • Sinus
  • Lateral
  • Lateral Mid
  • PA
  • Cephalometric
  • Lateral
  • AP
  • PA
  • Water's View
  • SMV
  • Carpus
* Optional
  • Magic Ceph Hole

    The Magic Hole is a passageway through
    the X-ray to prevent image distortion
    when scanning Ceph.

  • CUST
    (Cubical Semi Tomographic)

    Using 256 cross-sectional images, CUST makes the images required for implant diagnosis. More economical than 3D CT.

  • 01
  • 02

Enhanced Image Processing

Multi Focus

With five panoramic images simultaneously
acquired in a single scan, selet the best image.

Easy-to-use System

Face to Face Positioning

Open architecture helps operating equipment and positioning patients.
Also improves the psychological stability of the patient.

Application Software

Powerful Software TRIANA™

Integrated solution with Genoray Dental Software TRIANA™



Great diagnostic imaging with years of experience and know-how.
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