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Genoray Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in X-Ray medical devices.
As a company specializing in research, developing, manufacturing and sales,
Genoray has been recognized as a leading company in the C-Arm industry
in South Korea and remains a leader in this market.

Global network GENORAY

Genoray Co., Ltd. is the only company in Korea that has successfully established
both Medical and Dental X-ray product lineups in their respective fields.
We have succeeded in internalizing the X-ray system with the accumulated capability through our long experience in business.
Based on the accumulated technical competence, we have entered the dental industry in 2013 and are making excellent results continuously.
Our company's unique technology and productivity are the foundation of the company's growth and development and they are being realized as business synergy. Genoray Co., Ltd.'s cutting edge technology and quality are well-recognized
around the world.
International sales comprise 75% of total sales, with major contributions
from four subsidiary offices (USA, Germany, Japan, Türkiye) along with 45 strategic global partners.
Genoray's products are currently used in more than 80 countries around the world.

Made in Korea, Made in Genoray!
We pride ourselves for being an exporting company and we will continue to spread
the reputation of South Korea and Genoray across the World.
"Made in Korea, Made in Genoray!" is our valuable mission.
Genoray Co., Ltd. promises: We will continue to be a 'R&D based company' that leads the world market through innovative R&D. We will become a 'widely-loved company' by creating technology that pursues human well being and happiness.
We will earn trust to become a 'trusted company' through responsible management with open communication.
Thank you.