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- Camera Type (Wireless)
- Rechargeable Battery
- Graphic LCD
  • ZEN-PX2
  • ZEN-PX2
  • ZEN-PX2
  • ZEN-PX2


ZEN-PX2 generates and controls X-Ray to acquire teeth and jaw images.

It generates X-Ray from high voltage electricity into the X-Ray tube, which penetrates teeth and jaw, and makes X-Ray images on receptor. (Chemical film or Digital Sensor)e

Large graphic LCD shows the shooting conditions in detail

For adults and babies, for molar and incisor, preset button makes it easy to adjust exposure time

Battery type of X-Ray system, eliminating all cables.

ZEN-PX2 generates and controls X-Ray in order to acquire images for teeth and jaw.

- Light weight enables the ultimate mobility.
- Small dose of radiation keeps patients and dentists safer.
- High performance tube and HFG make sharp and clear images.
- Use with digital sensor as well as chemical


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