about Genoray


GENORAY Identity

Symoblizes Genoray's will and philosophy to cherish the dignity of life.
  • Genoray Co., Ltd. will lead future medical services with a progressive attitude to
    constantly provide technological innovations. We aim to become Genoray Co., Ltd.
    for human health and happiness. The CI of Genoray Co., Ltd. is designed with these spirits.
    GENORAY is a compound word of 'GENOME', which means 'Life', and 'RAY', which means 'Light'
  • Zen Blue expresses the basic attitude of life,
    Life & Love Green expresses human health and happiness
    Passion Orange expresses youth, passion,
    and active impressions that are developing.

COLOR Palette

  • BLUE
    Pantone Color 299 C
    CMYK Color C85 M19
    RGB Color R42 G142 B191
    Pantone Color 368 C
    CMYK Color C57 Y100
    RGB Color R110 G187 B31
    Pantone Color 130 C
    CMYK Color M30 Y100
    RGB Color R255 G179